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We Can’t Restore Your Good Health. But we can make the Bad Guys Pay.

$2.5 Billion and Counting!

Since 1991, Worthington & Caron has generated over 2.5 billion dollars in settlements and verdicts. Our clients have taken on the biggest corporations in the world. We’ve battled armies of the highest paid defense lawyers from the top corporate law firms.
  1. $26.6 MILLION To a 62-year-old Southern California drywaller who sustained injuries caused by defective construction products.
  2. $18 MILLION To a 67-year-old Southern California government employee who sustained injuries caused by defective cosmetics products.
  3. $13 MILLION Awarded by a Los Angeles jury to a 73-year-old Southern California clerical worker for injuries caused by defective consumer products.
  4. $10.9 MILLION For the family of a Central California plumber and race car enthusiast who sustained lethal injuries from defective construction and automotive products.

Accidents happen? Yes. Could most have been prevented? Yes. What’s the leading cause? Sloth. Carelessness. Greed. Stupidity. Rage. And pure nasty despicable Evil.

Planes just don’t fall out of the sky, or ships sink, or trucks crash, or trains derail, or cranes collapse. Building products, or water pipes, or weed sprays don’t accidentally contain carcinogens. Hip implants don’t just randomly fail. Chemical plants don’t just suddenly explode, or oil pipelines rupture, or boilers blow sky high, or refineries erupt in a fireball. Kids don’t voluntarily allow coaches or priests to molest them. Truck drivers don’t accidentally get drunk.

Follow the money. Somebody got rich. Somebody got paid off. Somebody lied. Somebody was reckless. Somebody tried to cover it up. A politician got donations. Laws designed to shield billionaires and bad guys got passed. You need a lawyer who has the will, resources, and knuckles to not only argue that your injury was no accident.

You need lawyers who will prove it, in court, with your life, and millions of dollars, at stake.

-Roger Worthington, Esq.

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Have you been seriously injured by:

  • A toxic exposure to a poisonous product?
  • A Collision with a drunk driver?
  • A workplace catastrophe?
  • A Violent Boss, Coworker, Coach, Cop, or Cab Driver?
  • A Car, Truck, Airplane, Boat, or Train defect?
  • A faulty or addictive prescription drug?
  • Toxic social media?
  • Retaliation for Blowing the Whistle on a Grifter?

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We invest heavily in our catastrophic injury cases. Financial investment, sure. More important, though, is our investment in you, the client. You’ve been knocked down. You’re not sure if you can get up. We invest time to get to know you, every detail of your accident, and the many ways your injury is affecting your physical, financial, and emotional well-being. Through this work together, we’ll get you back on your feet and ready to fight back. Few things bring more satisfaction that seeing my clients, most with only high school educations, outsmarting a conference room full of white shoe defense lawyers. Through this investment comes power. Through this investment comes wins!

-John Caron, Esq.

Catastrophic injuries can cause terrible financial strain on you and your family for an entire lifetime.
Make the Wrongdoer Pay.

We Are Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Located in the LA Harbor Area

We’ve represented seriously injured plaintiffs from over 35 states.

Our Creed:
We Care About You
And We Despise Bullies

That sounds contrived. But it’s not. Worthington & Caron digs in. We get to know our clients. And their children. We get to know their co-workers. We work the case up. We investigate how the injury happened and how it could have been prevented. For toxic exposure cases, we investigate working conditions going back more than 50 years. We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars of our money in our toxic tort cases. We hire the best experts. Some PI firms “loan” the work up money to clients and charge interest. That’s bogus. We won’t do that. We work every case up for trial. And we don’t take a fee unless and until we win.

Any lawyer can settle a case. But the good ones make the bad guys hurt. Where it counts. In their pocketbooks. Typically, we take on all the biggest defense firms. Armies of lawyers. Deep pockets. The best defense medical expert mercenaries their money can buy. But that does not deter us. It motivates. As they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

It’s not just about money. Worthington & Caron has donated millions of dollars to medical research foundations whose mission, frankly, is to put us out of business. We invest in medicine. We invest in research on the best treatment options. We invest in cures for occupational cancers. We invest in Hope. We will help you find the medical specialists who can do their best to get your life back to normal.

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We are California law firm with a focus on helping and winning for you. We are located in San Pedro, in the shadows of the LA Harbor and shipyards. We specialize in cases involving catastrophic injuries and cancers. We do not accept every case presented to us.

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